English 101

Topics: Debut albums, Fear, Family Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Linda Nguyen
English 101

Three years ago my life changed dramatically. I was in college pursuing my bachelor’s for registered nursing when I found out I was pregnant. Right then I felt my dreams slip from under me. The scholarship I had worked so hard for, the job my dad slaved at over these past years to get me into the University I had begged him to send me to, all of that was gone. Fearful of the journey that had lain ahead for me; I had not yet planned what my next step in life was going to be. Nervous and scared, I built up the courage to tell my family.

At first my dad was angry. Pacing back and forth with disbelief that something like this could happen. Then, when the anger subsided, he began to cry. As I reassured my dad that I would do my best to continue school, he explained to me that it was not sadness he felt, that it was fear. I was confused, why would my father be scared? Not understanding, I hugged him, comforting him. He then promised me that no matter how hard things got he would be there to help me. It was then that I decided that giving up was not an option. I would finish school and give my child a good future.

As the weeks pass, waking up for class got harder and harder. Homework was a constant struggle. Sleep was all I wanted to do. I was still driven and determined to finish what was left of the semester, because I wanted to prove those who did not believe I would succeed.

When the semester was over, I showed everyone that anyone can do anything they want if they put their mind to it. It was then time for me to prepare for the baby. I took the next semester off so I could have time to recover and rest after having my baby. October came around, and it was time to deliver. I anxiously tossed and turned in my hospital bed, while praying for a quick and easy delivery. The pain was overwhelming, like bricks being tossed at my body. After thirteen hours of labor, I had my six pound, nine ounce, beautiful little girl with me. I...
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