Engineering Management Postgraduate Statement of Purpose

Topics: Project management, Management, Systems engineering Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: April 18, 2011
computing, bioengineering, energy and financial systems will definitely affect the practice of engineering, making for ever more complex products. The reason engineering managers exist is to ensure that engineers use solid engineering skills and tools to design and deliver high-quality, cost effective products and services. With these ever increasing requirements, I am determined and motivated to be a team player and be part of a successful solution to the changes impacting the world through applying gained knowledge and skills. I desire to ultimately research engineering management with fiscal prudence, with particular emphasis on core areas of; demand/supply chain management, managed engineering processes, improved quality production performance with the use of engineering control systems and measuring and interpreting systems to create combined and inclusive standards, benchmarks and KPI's. Only a strong interaction of people, information and technology can improve business performance. The products that industry makes and the tools that it uses, including the technology of product development itself, are evolving daily. Management has to analyse and evaluate a range of information to manage resources and make decisions about the future direction of the organisation in a strategic context. Engineering management is the process of envisioning, designing, developing, and supporting new products and services. Engineering managers cleave to a set of product requirements. As they keep those requirements uppermost in mind, they must also make sure the product stays within budget and on a set schedule. Systems engineers develop large and complex assemblies or combinations of related parts that work together. Systems engineering has emerged in recent years as a way to translate customer needs and requirements into complex, engineered solutions. The modern view of project management also includes the role of a chief engineer, and/or systems engineer, who oversees the...
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