Enders Game

Topics: Ender's Game, Ender Wiggin, Speaker for the Dead Pages: 4 (1513 words) Published: March 18, 2014
Logan Gaskey
Film Paper: Ender’s Game

When I walked into the movie theater, there were a good amount of people that came to see it. They all seemed to have a feeling of anticipation for this movie adaptation of the novel. I bet that most of the people that were in the theater the night that I went to watch it all read the book about, so they know what they are getting into and the book has been out for a while so needed to have established some sense of familiarity with the movie. I noticed a group of people that were commenting on how it would be a spectacular movie adaptation is going to be, they were in for a special treat. I went to see this movie with my girlfriend, since she is an action movie sci-fi buff, she was very respectful and let me analyze and critique this movie for this essay. I went to Gateway during the middle of the week on a day I didn’t have homework, I made it into a date night. It wasn’t opening night, since I didn’t realize this movie was assigned until later in the week. The mood of the crowd was full of anticipation and then regret at the end of the movie. I fitted in with the crowd since I knew the plot behind this movie. I was comfortable with the whole production since I was ready for whatever this movie was going to throw at me.

For my film review, Ender's Game was adapted by the military science fiction novel by American author Orson Scott Card. The movie is set in Earth's future, where it starts off by giving the audience a brief backstory an alien race called the Formics (aka Buggers) attempted to inhabit Earth. The citizens of Earth retaliated and fought off the alien invaders from conquering their home planet. It has been awhile since the attack happened, so the humans built an army to not only defend themselves from future attacks, but to pursue the Formics and confirm that they will never harm them again. The army that was created is made of children, whose naive behavior to want to succeed and impress makes them...
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