Emporer Hadrian of Rome

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By the time Hadrian's contributions to his country had succeeded, and death was near; he was the most hated man in Rome. However, throughout his reign, he was regarded as a noble leader. "The Roman emperor Hadrian exercised a profound organizational influence on the Greco-Roman world. He worked successfully toward the codification of Roman law and the strengthening of imperial border defenses (Eadie 8)." Emperor Hadrian made many important contributions to Roman culture, and he was also known as one of the greatest Roman emperors in history.Hadrian was born on January, 26 76 a.d. in Spain. In his youth, he developed a strong interest in Hellenic culture. This earned him his nickname "The Greekling." For example, "Hadrian was an admirer of Greek culture and under different circumstances, might well have devoted his full time to literature and philosophy rather than politics (Eadie 8 )." Hadrian was well-educated, and known throughout Rome as a military man. For instance, " He rose through the ranks as befitting of one of his position in life and became a well-respected general (Internet Hadrian 4)." Soon after, Hadrian was married to a thirteen year old girl named Sabina. Thirteen years of age was very young even in Roman terms of marriage. Hadrian became emperor in 117a.d. This occurred when Trajan, Hadrian's deceased father's cousin and guardian, made Hadrian his successor on his deathbed. "Certainly Hadrian's relationship with the Senate was not a good one(Coleman-Norton 674)." At the beginning of his reign, he put four former consuls to death for conspiracy. This created negative personal relations between Hadrian and the Senate; however, "Hadrian generally treated the Senate with the utmost respect(Coleman-Norton 674)." Throughout the years 120-133, he traveled eminsly. He visited Britain, Spain, eastern provinces, and even Africa. Towns and cities vastly benefited from his journeys. Harbor installations, roads, and bridges were built. The...
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