Emirates Hr Practice

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Human resource management at emirates airlines

Executive summary 3
Company overview 4
Brief history of emirates airlines 5
Analyzing the problem 6
Leadership style in the company 6
HR strategy implementation at emirates airlines 8
Organizational behavior in the company 9
Strategies to avoid conflicts in emirate airlines 11
Issues 12
Proposed Strategies 13
Conclusion 15
Bibliography 16

Executive summary
HR management is a very important aspect that need not to be overlooked in companies, as it is the most important process in most of the companies, especially the services based companies, one of the best company in the services sector of the world is emirates airlines, emirates airlines has been known as one of the best companies in the world in terms of servicing and quality in the airline industry business, emirates airlines being a services sector company implements HR as their main process, and they are doing it very effectively, but as every company has a downturn in its lifetime, the downturn faced by emirates airlines is more related to the conflicts in their diverse workforce, and is often been used in the HR field as one of the most important HR case to discuss, therefore we will analyze the HR processes in this project and will try to find the main cause behind the sudden downturn in the HR processes of emirates airlines, and the strategy that they applied for coping up from the issue. In the following article we will discuss the HR problems that emirates airlines had experienced in the downturn, we will analyze the situation under which emirates airlines had to suffer problem related to HR management, and the strategies that the HR department of emirates airlines had applied in their management process, we will also try to identify the correctness and the impact of the HR strategies that the HR department had implemented, we will also try to give alternate solutions to the HR problems that should have implemented alternatively, and that could have been proved to be successful to the company.

Company overview
Emirates airlines is one of the best example of how to manage best quality with reasonable cost, the airlines flew their first flight on 25th October, 1985, since then it had made it through a very long way through the history to arrive to their current position, emirates airlines’ success had been a topic of interest among peoples, as the concept that they had used and their way to work on every detail was astonishing. The unique style of emirates airlines had been one of the main factors behind the success of the group, the traditional way to serve peoples in the flights and the Emirati culture that they have introduced in the airlines are commendable, apart from the quality of services, the next major thing is the quality of emirates airlines. The company had already received more than 250 international awards for excellence, and it is emerging as one of the best airlines in the world, the revenue of the airlines shad increased by as much as 49% in the previous year, therefore accounting for one of the best growing company in the airlines sector. The human resource of the company also plays a very important role in the success of the company, as the employees of the company has a definite rule and set of instructions that they have to follow in the processes in the company, the services of the company are defined and should be practiced at every single flight of emirates airlines according to the company’s instructions, because the HR processes designed by the management of the company is unique and they are defined in such a way, such that the after following that set of steps, the success of the business process is sure. Emirate airlines is showing great growth in the business, and as emirates recruits peoples from diverse backgrounds and culture, therefore it is becoming even more difficult for them to manage the workforce conflict that often arouses because of different...

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