Topics: Eminem / Pages: 4 (775 words) / Published: Dec 12th, 2012
Janet Franco
Professor Kapurch
English 1310
03 December 2012
Slim Shady "I try to keep it positive/And play it cool/Shoot up the playground/And tell the kids to stay in school.” (Slim Shady 1999) This is one of many quotes from Slim Shady that displays his persona as a humorous, ruthless rapper. Slim Shady emerged in 1997 when Eminem did his first album The Slim Shady EP then two years later in 1999 his second album The Slim Shady LP, was a huge success becoming an overnight sensational, debuting at number two and selling over 283,000 copies the first week. Slim Shady displays a unique image with his blazing, bleach, blonde hair, casual attire, heedless attitude, and energetic movement. Slim Shady’s hair style, attire, attitude, and movement create his humorous, ruthless persona.
Slim Shady display a unique hair style with his blazing, bleach, blonde hair that sets him apart from everyone else. I believe his unique hair style contributes to his humorous and ruthless persona because he dyed it when he was drunk and didn’t care what other people thought about it so he didn’t bother to change it back to his natural brown hair. Since he has no facial hair his blonde hair is what creates his persona and sets him apart from everyone else because, it automatically captures everyone’s attention and it makes it evident to identify him. His hair is a unique feature no one else had and he started a trend amongst teenagers. Slim Shady’s hair demonstrates how he doesn’t care what other people think he does what he wants when he wants regardless of the outcome.
Slim Shady displays a casual dark colored attire, he is always wearing t-shirts, white beater, jeans, and Jordan, or Nike shoes. His attire demonstrated that he isn’t a serious person and shouldn’t be taken seriously and doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it. For instance, he was photographed with a t-shirt saying “I Like The Pope The Pope Smokes Dope” while writing Slim Shady on a paper and displaying

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