Emerging Technology and Trends and Its Effects

Topics: RFID, Supply chain management, Radio-frequency identification Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: March 30, 2011
Emerging technology and trends are reshaping the landscape of e-business and supply chain management almost more rapidly than the public can keep up. The public demands faster and better ways of doing e-business and businesses are happy to oblige with as many gadgets as they can put out. Not every piece of technology that comes out is worth the wait, but many items are very interesting and make life fun and appealing for many people. Keeping up with new technology is very expensive, so it is important for businesses to know which technologies to invest in. The effect these technologies have varies greatly, depending on the type of technology. These technologies can have immediate and commercially viable applications that improve the quality of current goods or reduce their cost. Others go in a completely different direction (Emerging, March 2011). Some of the technologies on the forefront are radio frequency identification (RFID), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other information technology. RFID

RFID is not a new technology. The first patent for an active RFID tag with rewritable memory was on January 23, 1973. Later that year a California entrepreneur received a patent for a passive transponder RFID that would unlock a car door without using a key. These were the first examples of RFID that would become hugely vital to the way people lead their lives (Roberti, n.d.). RFID plays a major role in the supply chain management process but has yet to reach its full potential. New and emerging technologies are starting to rely more heavily on RFID for a number of things. RFID tags have the ability to store data that can be changed, updated, or even locked. RFID tags are used to track merchandise for stock purposes and loss prevention (Bonsor & Keener, n.d.). With one quick scan a delivery person can see how many boxes are in a case, how many cases are on a truck and where the truck is located on its rout all through the use of one or two RFID tags. ERP


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