Emerging Markets

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Emerging Markets

Katie Ferney
International Business Negotiation

Emerging Markets is defined as, “nations with social or business activity in the process of rapid growth and industrialization” (Wikipedia, 2011). A country that is considered an “emerging market” typically helps mold the economy. If the countries that typically have higher emerging markets are at a stand stop, the economy is most likely not doing so well. Quite often, smaller countries will follow the market trends lead of these large countries, which can either help or hurt our economy. There are many different countries that are considered the “Emerging Markets”. But the top seven emerging market countries determined by nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product) are China, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, and Indonesia. Two other emerging market countries are Thailand and Vietnam. The top two, which are considered to having the largest emerging market trends, are China and India.

China is considered to have the world’s second largest economy! It is a participant in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). China has one of the world’s fastest growing major economies! It has been known to growing an average of 10% over the past 30 years. China is known for being the number one exporter in the world, and also the second largest importer in the world! A lot of China’s success has been from the Special Economic Zones of the People’s Republic of China (SEZ’s). This was created to help maintain the economy in China, and to ensure that growth will keep going. They do not want a standstill or the economy to decrease. This is managed by the government, and has been for many years

India is one of the top two countries in the world for emerging markets. Although according to nominal GDP India’s economy is the tenth largest in the world. India is also a member of BRIC and one of the G-20 major economies. India may not be well known for its importing or exporting. They are ranked nineteenth largest exporter and the tenth largest importer. India has been growing rapidly. “Economic growth rate stood at around 6.5% for the 2011–12 fiscal year” ("Wikipedia," 2012). India had an “independence era” with the economy from 1947 through 1991. The country was a mix of socialism and capitalism. This did not go very well for the country, and they began to go into an economic failure. But, in 1991 India opted for a liberal way of running the country, and the economy began to strive!

Brazil is sixth largest economy in the world at the market exchange rate. It is also the largest national economy in Latin America. Brazil is also a member of BRIC! Brazil’s economy is continuously growing, and some predict they will grow to become the fifth largest economy in the years to come. Brazil is known for a mixed economy. They can thank their wealth of natural resources for their thriving economy! Brazil is known for more of their exports than their imports, and continues to add different exports to their list. For example, they are the fourth largest exporter of cars! Brazil had a small difficulty with their currency, but after the country received a loan, and paid it back early, they are looking better than ever!

Russia is the tenth largest economy in the world. They are part of the market economy. Russia’s economy depends greatly on the natural resources such as oil and natural gas. Their economy has continued to grow rapidly in the 21st century at about 7% annually each year. Russia is also part of BRIC, one of the four major economies of the world. One of Russia’s largest exports is oil, and this has helped maintain the country’s economy, especially in the increase of oil prices around the world.

Mexico is one of the top seven emerging markets in the world. They are rated by GDP at the 13th largest nominal economy. Mexico is also rated the 11th largest by PPP (purchasing power property). They are known greatly for their exports In 2006, the United States...

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