Emergence of public sector Management

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Public sector management, was introduced in the UK during the era of Margaret Thatcher and in the US during President Ronald Regan’s term of office (1970s and 1980s). This transformation in the management of the public sector was adopted by many countries as a strategy for government as a means to solve problems that was existing in the delivery of public goods and services. The rigid, hierarchical, bureaucratize form of public administration was changed to a flexible, market-based form of public management. This is considered as a "paradigm shift" from the traditional public administration approach, which was dominant in the public sector for most of the century. The traditional approach was severely criticized.

This literature review seeks to show the emergence of public sector management and its importance in the delivery of public goods and services. Public administration is no longer efficient and effective and as such, Public sector management is a good strategy in increasing efficiency and reduce costs in the public sector.


Problem Statement
There were a number of problems leading up to the emergence of public sector management. There were newer theories of organizational structure and behavior, which argued that the bureaucratic model is no longer particularly efficient or effective, and there was a need for more flexible forms of management. It was argued that the traditional public administration approach was developed at a particular stage of industrialization, which suited relatively small and stable public sector (Thompson, 1967; Mintzberg, 1979). According to (Hill. 1992), despite its advantages (e.g. precision, continuity, stability, discipline, reliability), fixed and rigid procedures and orderly working patterns do not work when the environment...

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