Emergence of Consumer Behaviour

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Emergence of Consumer Behaviour

Before consumer behaviour “motivational research was a popular marketing theory that viewed consumers as creatures often influenced by erotic impulses”. It was this theory of motivational research that created the birth of consumer behaviour. Many people thought that motivation research had fallen through during its existence “after its time of great media attention, when it disappeared from public sight, It became obvious that it did not disappear at all, but continued on, ever growing, in the work of marketing practitioners, and then was developed by university researchers”. This is when the field of motivation research turned to consumer behaviour. Consumer behaviour is an emergent of motivation research Thus I will speak about motivation research, its history and how it progressed to consumer behaviour. Motivation research was closely related to the work that had been developed in several of the behavioural sciences. These ideas of behavioural science stemmed from areas of psychology (Freud) and areas of sociology and even some areas of economics. Motivation research progressed from these theories and researchers took information from university studies in a bid to understand why consumers buy or do not buy products. Motivation research was the introduction of market research because of the concepts it drew from social sciences such as psychology and sociology. Motivation research introduced new methods of marketing research by applying method which have been used successfully in other social sciences. Newman wrote that “buying and consumption are human acts serving human purposes which marketing has known too little about.. They can be better understood if behavioural theories enter the picture”. This is how motivation research developed theories of market research. Newman was trying to make the point that the buying and consumption of products is down to how people think, or how the products...

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