Embryonic Stem Cell Research - in Vitro Fertilization

Topics: Human, Cell, Embryonic stem cell Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: October 16, 2005
In vitro fertilization and human embryonic stem cell research are two of the most popular and controversial topics that are being discussed today. Lee Silver, from the film defines in vitro fertilization as: [T]ak[ing] the process of reproduction out of the darkness of the womb, into the light of the laboratory. And all of the sudden you can do anything you want with these human embryos and eggs, which couldn't be done before (Holt). The real question regarding all of the varying opinions and controversy, is what is a human embryo, and what is human life? Other questions include the morality of embryonic stem cell research and is bearing children a right given to us by society? Further discussion of these question will entail why in vitro fertilization has a wide range of ethical and moral consequences.

Pro choice supporters conclude that an embryo is not a human life, but has potential to become one (Robinson). Therefore an embryo has no rights and is subject to whatever could benefit the human race. Human embryonic stem cell research gives society as a whole, the potential to gain medical knowledge that is imperative to the lives of many human beings. Couples that have underwent in vitro fertilization procedures, doctors that perform in vitro fertilization, and many pro choice groups believe that child bearing is a right granted to everyone. This must be true, if you consider all the time and money that is spent to produce children for infertile couples.

I and many pro life groups have a contrary belief regarding in vitro fertilization and embryonic stem cell research. The belief revolves around the same questions, what is a human embryo, and what is human life? Our belief is that human life is created at conception, therefore a human embryo is human life, at its earliest stages. I have this belief because of by the fact that a human being gets it's unique DNA makeup at conception. Since an embryo has an unique DNA makeup and will become a different...

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