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Topics: E-mail, E-mail spam, Disposable e-mail address Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: December 1, 2006
I believe that spam emails come pretty close to those annoying telemarketing phone calls. It is absolutely no fun to have the phone ring at dinner time and to hear the voice on the other end telling you about a new credit card. This is the same thing with spam email. We do not want to have to go through our inbox deleting every other message just to get to the legitimate ones that are ones from our friends and family members. Email was supposed to be a much more easy and convienent way to keep in contact with friends and family. Unfortunately, spammers saw this as a perfect opportunity to keep our stress levels high.

Spam emails continue to flood our inboxes day after day to the point of having to sign up for 2 different email accounts just to keep the annoying spammers away from our personal and private life. It is such a shame that we are not safe from anyone anymore over the internet. Hackers and spammers find it entertaining to watch us rip our hair out over these junk emails.

Whether it be on the phone or through our email inboxes, telemarketers and spammers will continue to find a way to keep annoying us.Actions can be taken to help diminish the the effects of these junk emails, but unfortunately, as we know it today they will never completely be gone. I see two options. Create a second email address for friends and family members only. Or number two, get rid of email completely. It's unfortunate, but in this day and age these seem like the only things that can be done to take care of this cyber problem.
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