Elie Wiesel Speech Summary

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Elie Wiesel Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: February 19, 2013
In the speech Elie Wiesel says that indifference is bad and that it is a crime against humanity .He also said that indifference to a tragedy is not guiltless and that you cant just witness cruelty towards someone or something and not be responsible in some way for what ends up happening instead he said that you have to step in and help the person or thing that someone is being cruel to. He also talks about his experience during the Holocaust, and how people ignored the millions of Jews that were dying. He also said that indifference is more dangerous than anger and hatred

when he says “ Indifference, then, is not only a sin, it is a punishment. And this is one of the most important lessons of this outgoing century's wide-ranging experiments in good and evil.” he is saying that when people were ignoring the fact that Jews were being killed they were committing a sin.

Another thing he said was “But then, there were human beings who were sensitive to our tragedy. Those non-Jews, those Christians, that we called the “Righteous Gentiles,” whose selfless acts of heroism saved the honor of their faith. Why were they so few? Why was there a greater effort to save SS murderers after the war than to save their victims during the war?” he was saying that after the war people cared more about helping the SS instead of the and there was few people that wanted to help the Jews that were being killed or injured.

Also when he said “ Their fate is always the most tragic, inevitably. When adults wage war, children perish. We see their faces, their eyes. Do we hear their pleas? Do we feel their pain, their agony? Every minute one of them dies of disease, violence, famine. Some of them – so many of them – could saved. He was trying to say that that there are a lot of children dying and they really cant do anything about it and they just end up dying.
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