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Topics: Electronic oscillator, Oscillation, Periodic function Pages: 5 (558 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Relaxation Oscillator

Circuit Diagram

I was given the circuit below to test and analyse. This circuit is a circuit of a Relaxation Oscillator.

| Relaxation Oscillator | |[pic] | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Basic circuit description

When the switch is pressed the LED…….

Circuit use

I did some research on Relaxation Oscillators and found that they can be used for…… ……..

I found the information for the circuit use in the following books and websites;


1. Book title ????

(Author, publisher, page)


2 www.http;//xxxxx


Here is my detailed description of the way the circuit works, and the way the Relaxation Oscillator works.

Relaxation Oscillator

The formula for the time period T, is given by T = …

Using the formula and my values of R and C, here is my calculation T.

T = ……..

Here is the formula for F, the frequency of oscillation, and T the Time period.

F =

Using the formula for frequency F, and Time period T, here is my calculation for F.

F = …….

Here is the theory about why it oscillates including the graph. I got this information from page 44 & 45 of the OCR Electronics text book.

Relaxation Oscillator, switch & AND gate

Here is my detailed description of the way in which the Oscillator, switch and AND gate all work together.

When the switch is pressed………….



In terms of R and C, we may write the formula for F, the frequency as F = ……

Using this formula, and assuming tolerances of 5% for resistors, and 20% for capacitors here is my working out for the maximum and minimum frequencies which my circuit will produce.

Fmax =……….



Based on my detailed analysis above, I can make the following prediction

1. The frequency at which the LED flashes will be no greater than F = ….Hz

2. The frequency at which the LED flashes will be no less than F = ……Hz


Test procedure for my predictions

I am going to measure the frequency at which my LED flashes. Here is how I will do the measurement. I will…………

Expected outcome

I expect the frequency to be somewhere between F=…...Hz and F=…..Hz

Test Circuit

Here is the circuit diagram that shows what I am testing and the equipment used.

|[pic] | |[pic]...
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