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Career Episode 1
A) Introduction:
1.1 In the first career episode, I will describe my annual project during the fourth year of my engineering study at the University of Aleppo, Syria. “Three story building lighting system design Project” which happened in 2002. I achieved this project as a under graduate student. The project started in June 1st, 2002 and was finished by Sep, 2002.

B) Background:
About Aleppo University:
1.2 “University of Aleppo” is the second largest university in Syria and the leading university offering specialized Engineering studies The university has joint co-operative programmes with many international institutions of higher educations from the Arab World, USA and Australia, 1.3 The University provides the engineering high education, I was enrolled at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering faculty that was founded in 1982 currently has 7 departments. * Electrical engineering

* Telecommunications engineering
* Electrical Power engineering
* Mechatronics
* Electronic engineering
* Computer engineering
* Control engineering and Automation
About Electrical engineering Faculty:
1.4 Electrical engineering is a field of engineering in University of Aleppo that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. 

About the project:
1.5 The project main goal was to design and prepare complete study of lighting three story building: the project mile stones were: locations Survey, network design, load calculations, project write up and documentation. The project was 3 month duration; it was achieved by me individually. The university had assigned one professor as general advisor and assessor.

About Load calculations:
1.6 The load calculations are deemed the very major engineering activity student is pushed to work it deliberately. It mostly relates to calculating the active power that must be consumed by the building. Current and voltage formulas however used...
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