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Egyptian Times
Last night at 8:15pm our beloved pharaoh Tutankhamen died. Our pharaoh was born on February 2 1341bc. Even although he only lived for nineteen years he ruled our kingdom for nine years. He switched our religion back from what our horrible king Akhenaten did he moved our capital back and overall changed our lives back. We have been well assured that our greatest tomb makers have put many curses on his tomb so that no one will be able to disturb his resting place. Our beloved king loved to hunt, to study and to swim, so we are all sure he will be doing those activates in the afterlife. He would throw many parties so we know even though he was disabled he still had a very nice life we are not sure how he died he was ill for the last week but he was getting better. He could have fallen of a chariot and died. He could have been killed by our new pharaoh Aye. We are not sure why or how he died because his death and body is classified. By: Zane Craddock Nile Floods

It's September again so that means that the banks of our Nile have overflowed again. They have been low all year so the overflowing banks were a relief to most farmers so they don't have to work hard to water their crops. Merchants are even profiting off of this because the farmers need new boots after they plant their plants in the muddy areas where the Nile had overflowed. This year the banks went up to its usual amount, about 20 feet. Be sure to attend the festival of the Nile to try some of the crops that were grown this year! By: Tanner Schmidt Politics

Today’s politics section includes our ruler Akhenaton

Last night our heretic king decided and declared publicly that he is changing our religion from our wonderful polytheistic religion (studying many deities) to monotheistic religion (studying only one deity). We are now to only warship one god the Aton we have talked to a politician and he says this movement will caused priests to lose their jobs and worth. If our priests can no longer consult with our gods dark times will fall upon Egypt. Akhenaton possibly the worst pharaohs in all of Egypt is talking about moving our capitol. Moving our capitol the stronghold of Egypt is almost as horrific and disturbing as changing our religion. I can’t understand how our pharaoh can sleep at night. By: Zane Craddock

ETHL Kicks Off Season with BIG GAME for Merchants
Yesterday in Memphis one of the best Tug of Hoop games took place, The ETHL (Egyptain Tug of Hoop League) plotted the little-know, under confident Memphis Merchants against the well-know, over confident Armarna Artisans. First, before we tell you the details of the game, let’s fill-in the new followers of ETHL. In Tug of Hoop, two Players compete in pulling the hoop swiftly with a hooked staff. Players also use the hooked staff to try to stop any attempts to pull the hoop by the other player.This requires strict observation. As I was saying, the Artisans stared off the first quarter by scoring 5 points and rendering the merchants scoreless. But in the second quarter something amazing happened. After one of the top Merchant players was defeated, The Artisans sent out their best player, Shuti Thutmose to face Ashik Sandoulth, a rookie from the Merchants. His coach had told him to use sharp physical maneuvers, a common strategy. Shuti’s strategy on the other hand was to use brutal strength. As the judge yelled, shuti pulled with Superior strength. Ashik turned his stick to the side and with a sharp, controled pull, pulled the hoop in to win the match! After that, it was all Memphis. Ashik gave his team the confidence the needed, and they pulled away with the win, 12 to 8. In the interview after the game, the coach of the Merchants said “Not only did Ashik give the team confidence to win the game, but he...
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