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NANYANG POLYTECHNIC School of Business Management

2012/13 Semester 2 BM0075 Essentials of Financial & Management Accounting ICA 2 – Project Guidelines

Date of issue: Week beginning 12 Nov 2012 Date of submission: 13 Dec 2012, Thursday, 4pm




Project Outline

This project constitutes 20% of the total assessment for the module, BM0075 – Essentials of Financial & Management Accounting. This project covers the topic “Published Financial Statements – Financial Analysis” taught in this semester. Students will submit on a group basis a type-written report including Excel spreadsheets on financial ratios computation. This project is designed for you to be resourceful and analytical. The ability to work in a team is important, thus brainstorming and group meetings are essential. Report writing and ability to integrate the various financial concepts will reflect the level of understanding of the topic. 1.2 Objectives

This project seeks to provide the following learning objectives: 1. Compute, interpret & analyse published financial statements for decisionmaking. 2. Use Excel to compute financial ratios. 3. Report and communicate the analysed accounting information. 4. Research using online data retrieval systems like Reuters, Bloomberg or Dow Jones and the Internet to obtain key business information on the company, its industry, as well as the country’s economic indicators. 1.3 Administrative guidelines 1. This project is to be completed by each project group, comprising 4 to 5 students. Grouping of students will be randomised by drawing lots, under the supervision of your module tutor. 2. You are to use the financial statements of a private limited company (referred to as “private company”) and the financial statements of a company listed on the Stock Exchange (referred to as “listed company”) to do the project. The financial statements of the private company will be published in Blackboard in the week beginning 12 Nov 2012. Your module tutor will announce the information on the listed company and inform you the assigned private company during your tutorial session in the same week. 3. You are given approximately 4 weeks (excluding the week for project announcement) to complete the project.



4. You must submit your project report by Thursday, 13 Dec 2012, 4pm to your module tutors. Any late submission will have 10 marks deducted from the group marks for each day of delay. 5. You are to quote all sources of information and references in the appendices. Any form of plagiarism would not be tolerated. Zero marks would be awarded and students would be subjected to disciplinary action. A project declaration form, duly signed by all members is to be attached and submitted together with the written report. 1.4 Submission

Your submission should include: 1. A written report, maximum 10 pages, excluding appendices and cover page. Use font size 12 with single spacing. 2. Appendices of sources of industry research data, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income of the listed company and project declaration form. 1.5 Grading The project will be graded as follows: Project Report & Excel spreadsheets *Peer & tutor evaluation % 80% 20% 100% Evaluation basis Group Individual

*In peer evaluation, students will consider their team members’ attitudes, sense of responsibility, contribution and participation for the whole project. The confidential peer evaluation will be conducted during the tutorial session. Instructions will be given by your tutor on the day of the peer evaluation. It is strongly advised that the presence of any inactive member be brought to the attention of your module tutor immediately, prior to the submission of the report, so that appropriate action can be taken.





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