Effects of terrorism

Topics: Terrorism, Reign of Terror, School Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Having read the definition of terrorism, I was surprised that the principal target of the terrorist was the government rather than just innocent civilians. This was interesting as it made me think about terrorism from the opposite point of view, from that of the “terrorists” whom we fear. In their point of view, all that the Western countries do is like a terrorist attack on them, trying to affect and repair their government. From this idea, my group then wanted to explore the nature and upbringing of the various eastern countries. We wanted to explore this idea through a series of moving images to show the progression of a developing child into becoming a terrorist. We decided that in order to effectively emphasize their upbringing, we would have to use satire and perhaps even some humour. Grace had the idea of teaching children to make a bomb, using a light patronising tone: being an obvious connotation to a primary school teacher. This juxtaposition was effective as it emphasized the kindness and innocence of young school child against the terror or terrorism that will inevitably be carried out by these children in their later years. The placards were used to show the passing of time, we had the timings of the 7/7 day on them (7:45, 7:50 etc.). Which was effective as it counted down to the moment of the explosion, aiding the climax of the scene: which was known by the audience as we’d previously read exactly what times the bombs went off. In creating this climax, we used un-synchronized noises and movement to create a busy London station. I thought we needed to have an effective soundscape of the busy station and then contrast it which the sudden silence in order to juxtapose (and thereby emphasize) the loudness and destruction of said bomb which went off.
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