Effects of Drought

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Effects of Drought
Natural phenomenon along with being very beautiful and useful for humankind, sometimes become very disastrous and demolishing for them. They show a negative side of nature and indicate some very demolishing aspects of nature, which the humans cannot ignore because of possessing less power. These incidents remind people that they do not have the control over everything and they are very small in front of such natural calamities. However, with strategic and wise planning one can reduce the severity of its effects but cannot save from them completely. Therefore, the areas that often face droughts should remain alert and stimulate their weather experts to continuously analyze weather conditions and give instructions of safety before its occurrence. Drought refers to the deficiency or absence of water in an area, which happens because of the weather conditions and climate (Sanchez, pp. 15-16, 2008). Droughts bring with them severe hazards and its effects will depend upon many factors. Factors include duration of the drought, financial conditions of people, storages of water, tolerance power of people and efficiency of government and other community organizations. If the duration of drought is short, then people will require a short time to recover from its effects but if it is very long then; its effects will also be long lasting and very dangerous. Second factor is financial conditions of people, if drought takes place in a country where people’s standard of living is high and they live a very wealthy life then, they can surely reduce the tendency of its harmful effects. However, in poor areas drought brings a black period, which destroys the lives, property and plants of people, and leave them empty handed with injured hearts. These people can do nothing except waiting for an angel to come and take them out from this disaster. Another factor, which plays a very important role in lessening the effects of drought, is earlier storages of water. If the public of a country were wise enough to store the water in a way that it becomes helpful at the time of drought then the country would not face a very bad situation. But if the effects are spread over an elongated area then even storages would not work in fact people will started fighting with each other to get water. Sometimes, these fights take very dangerous shapes and armies will have to interfere to stop it. However, due to lack of energy even armies would not be able to perform their jobs properly. Lastly, efficiency of government, if government is efficient and really cares for its people then it can rapidly arrange water supply from neighbor countries even if it is very expensive because nothing is more important than human life. If people remain alive, they can generate money but if there are no people who would generate and even use this money. Therefore, government should show efficiency in these situations to save their country from going into dark eras. The effects of droughts can be environmental, social and economical. I will talk about some of the major effects of droughts in the following paragraphs. Let us look at the environmental effects. As we all know that water is the basic need of the living organisms, be it humans, animals or plants. A long lasting absence of water in an area results in desertification of the area causing plants not to grow properly or to fade them away completely. When plants are not in existence, the effects are on animal species as they depend greatly on plants for their nutrition. Due to dearth of water and food, animals die of thirst and hunger. Sea animals die because they cannot survive without water. Wildlife habitats also go missing as forests turn into desserts in droughts. Thirst is a life taker because without food, people can live for weeks but will die in days if they are without water. Human societies suffer greatly because of droughts. Firstly, deficiency of water in human body causes illness and deaths....

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