Effects of Casinos on Native Reservations

Topics: Indian reservation, Native Americans in the United States, Native American gambling enterprises Pages: 4 (1292 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Tylea Kemmerer

June 11, 2013

Humanities 5-6

Research Paper

Effects of Casinos on Native Reservations

Do you think that casinos should be on native reservations? Is it beneficial or detrimental? Some people believe that casinos are just outrages and delirious. Casinos don't help anybody. They just take money from people and cause them into bankruptcy. Bad things always happen in casinos. Also, Indian gaming isn't fair to us because it doesn't benefit us; it only benefits the actual reservation. Thats not true though; they are actually very beneficial to the tribal members and to the people around the reservation. Do those people know what benefits the casinos have on the community and to the communities around it? Casinos are very beneficial to the reservation and the communities around it. Casinos give plenty of employment to the people. The people make good money and they put bread on the table. Casinos give the communities a place to socialize and have lots of fun. To go dance to hip music with friends and new peers is a blast! Casinos may take a lot of space but, once they're built, they bring in lots of money to fund the communities, giving them schools, hospitals, and other roads to transport around. Yes, there are negatives about the casinos. But they don’t always bring in trouble. Yes, there maybe theft of thousands of dollars, or some gigantic bankruptcies. But, they are lots of fun and very helpful to the reservation and the the communities around.As you can see, casinos are very contributive to the reservation and casinos are needed around. They are very beneficial to the economy, to health care, and to the land.

Casinos on Native reservations are beneficial for the economy. Communities around the reservation have really see the benefits of casinos on the reservations. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed in 1988 so the reservations can operate full scale casinos. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act protects Native American...
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