effectiveness of paper charcoal as fuel source

Topics: Charcoal, Paper, Activated carbon Pages: 4 (1488 words) Published: September 28, 2013
The Effectiveness of a Paper Charcoal as an
Alternative Fuel Source

This study aims to compare the effectiveness of a paper charcoal and a wood charcoal in producing fire. It specifically aims to determine:
1. Which can last longer between the paper charcoal and wood charcoal as fuel source. 2. Which is more effective to use as a fuel source.

There is no significant difference between the paper charcoal and the wood charcoal as an alternative fuel source.

Scope and Limitation:
This study is limited to the effectiveness of the paper charcoal as an alternative fuel source. It focuses more on the advantages of paper charcoal when used in cooking. It also compares the advantages of the paper charcoal to the wood charcoal as a fuel source.

Significance of the Study:
People living in big cities have scarcity in coal. By this study, it will help the people on how to find coal. This study can contribute to the easiest method in making coal as an alternative fuel source. People now and then start recycling old news papers and scratch papers. With this, we can lessen problems that the people are facing, like garbage that are scattered in the surroundings. It can make work easier and can save money. It can also lessen the numbers of woods that are cut down to make wood charcoal. Review of Related Literature:

Man's use of charcoal extends back as far as human history itself. It was first used more than 30,000 years ago to make some of the earliest cave paintings. Much later, charcoal played an important role in what might be considered mankind's first technology, the smelting and working of metals. In more recent times, charcoal has remained a technologically important material, primarily as a result of its adsorptive properties. The use of activated charcoal in gas masks during World War I saved many thousands...
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