Effective Teaching Strategies for Students with Adhd

Topics: Scientific method, Theory, Internal validity Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: July 9, 2013
Analysis of Research Article - ADHD in the Classroom: Effective Intervention Strategies

1. What is the purpose of the study? To share methods of intervention for students with ADHD. 2. When was the study done? 2011
3. Who did the study? George DuPaul
4. What are the research question and hypotheses (if any)? Which school-based intervention strategies are the most effective? Hypothesis: Multiple treatment strategies implemented consistently across multiple years will improve success for students with ADHD. 5. Does the literature background support the need for the study? Please explain your answer. The background literature defines ADHD, explains that these students have issues with retention, attendance and standardized tests. This information provides justification for exploring the topic of effective interventions. 6. What are the variables under study? Identify them as independent, dependent, moderator, control. The independent variables are ADHD and the dependent variable is 7. What is the setting, sample, population?

8. Identify the type of research. Descriptive, non-experimental. 9. What statistical procedures are used, if any? None were used. 10. What kind of design was used? Is it appropriate to the stated purpose, research questions and hypotheses? Since this is a descriptive article, it does not apply any research design nor does it explain the basis of selecting the particular “effective” strategies. The provision of several strategies does, however provide a variety of effective strategies to implement, which supports the opening statement, that it takes consistent implementation of multiple effective strategies for successful intervention with ADHD students. 11. What are the findings of the study? As stated above, the study impresses that it takes consistent implementation of multiple effective strategies for successful intervention with ADHD students. 12. Are there any problems with the internal...
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