Effective Listening Strategies

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Effective Listening Strategies
June 2, 2014

Effective Listening Strategies
The first article I read was called “Active Listening Skills”. This article provided helpful information with helping clients improve the quality of his or her life. When a client knows that the interviewer is listening he or she will feel respected and appreciated. The article shows the importance of listening in order to get the client to respond to us positively and on a deeper level. The article states there are different ways of listening. The article states we should have active participation by facing the client, maintaining eye contact, focus solely on what the client is saying, and respond appropriately. This article also states we should use reflective listening. When we restate what the client just said it will show him or her we are listening, and this will provide them the opportunity to open up and talk more. The article also states that we should stop other distractions such as, looking through papers when the client is speaking. When reading this article I learned that facing the client, sitting up straight, or leaning forward will show the client we are attentive. I also learned if we maintain eye contact this will show the client we are interested in what he or she is saying. If we use the words um-hmm, I see or raise our eyebrows this will prompt the speaker to continue talking. I can apply what I learned from this article to my everyday life by focusing solely on what a person is saying to me. I have learned I should not let anything distract me, so they will know they have my undivided attention. I already make eye contact with a person when he or she is speaking to me so that will not change. These are strategies I will use in my practice, because I want my client to receive the best services for his or her current situation. I feel these strategies will be effective and help me to become a better listener. The...

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