Effect Television Has on Children Mind

Topics: Television, Mind, Psychology Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: November 5, 2009
Running head: THE PSYCHOLOGY EFFECT OF CHILDREN WATCHING TELEVISION Effect Television has on Children Mind
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Television can be a powerful effect on children mind or canhave a negative effect on children mind. On an average day you could find a child in almost every household watching TV. Many homes now a dayhave three- five TV’s in their home. Times were so different when we were children. We only had one TV in the household and we watch TV together as a family. In today’s society the children are watching all types of violence, crime, and nudity on TV. I will share some of my opinions why I think TV has a psychology effect on children minds. 3

The Psychology effect of children watching Television
In today’s society television has become a powerful entertainment and educational tool for children today. However some people may say that television can also have a negative effect on what children watch on television. I will share some of my views on why I think there is a psychological effect on what children watch on television However, sometimes I will take a break from working on my computer and flip to one of my adults programs, and he will watch it with me. For example; I like to watch the Wendy Williams talk show. K.J may not understand this show, but he knows I like to watch it. He picks up some of the things that are said on the show. When the show comes on and goes off, Wendy has a signature sound that she has the audience do “Oop-Oop, Oop-Oop”. K.J. likes to hear that sound, so therefore he immediately picks-up on the sound that the audience is making, 4

In my home I have four TV’s, one in every bedroom. Some people may think this is not a good idea, however I think it is a good idea when you have company over to your house. The children should go to the rooms...
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