Effect of Multimedia on Today's Society

Topics: Propaganda, Mass media, Terrorism Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Ryan Welch
Final Exam Essay
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In today’s society, popular belief seems to be the main thing that keeps people around the world fighting for their own cause. Whether the cause involves religion, segregation or anything else, people will in some instances fight to the death to make sure that their cause reigns supreme over others. In today’s generation, music, social media and multimedia rule in a world that evolves around it. It can corrupt someone’s mind and make them think about what is right and what is wrong, which may conflict with what is actually right and form opinions toward something else that may not be true. It acts as a form of propaganda in its own way, which not many people would think to be true, and makes them think that whatever they hear or read must be right. The world has definitely changed the Great Depression back in the 1920’s and 30’s, and the people have changed as well.

Music and television in today’s generation has definitely taken a toll on what people, especially people under the age of eighteen, think about what they can and can’t do. Rappers jumble all of their words together and talk about drugs, sex and breaking the law in serious ways, and the worst part? They make it sound like fun. Kids will be kids, and the fact that we see kids under the age of eighteen getting arrested on the news and being on TV shows called “16 and Pregnant” is just sickening. Sixteen-year-olds should be in school, not on a TV show that can demoralize them for something that never should have happened. It sends a message to other kids that this type of life is acceptable, that it’s “ok” to do drugs, get pregnant and ruin the rest of their lives. Rarely anymore do we see artists that actually have musical talent. Music definitely has an effect on everyone, no matter what people listen to, because of the message it sends. Unfortunately, these messages don’t always give the best ideas on what to do with your life. For instance, the...
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