Edward Scissorhand Speech

Topics: The Ugly Duckling, Duck, Hans Christian Andersen Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Good morning, everybody. Today, I want to talk about other worlds in The Ugly Duckling and Edward Scissorhands. The Ugly Duckling is a famous fairy tale by Andersen. I guess everybody know this fairy tale. It talks about a ugly duckling. In fact, he is not a duck, but when he was younger, he looks like a duck. Other animals exclude him, because of he is not look like other ducks, he is ugly. He was so sad, and left home by himself. After he became a swan, others think he is so beautiful, all of them love and praise him. Edward Scissorhands is a sad love movie, by Tim Burton, is talking about a built human, who looks like human, and has human feeling, but his hands are scissorhands. He come to a town, and loves a human girl. In the end, although they love each other, but they separate and never meet each other again. There are many dialogues into The Ugly Duckling. From these dialogues between different animals, audience can see, this is a physical world, they exclude the duckling just because he is big, gray, ugly and different looks like other ducks. After the ugly duckling left his home, he meet the cat ‘Sonny’ and hen ‘chickey shortleg’. The composer compared cat, hen and duckling’s idea to show two different worlds. In hen’s life, she thinks lay eggs is the only one important thing to do, in cat’s life, he thinks can arch back, purr or make sparks is the only one important thing to do. They think make their host happy is their life. But the duckling does not think like that. He wants to free. In his world, the blue sky, the fresh air is the important thing. Audience can see the duckling always by himself, he lived in his own world. When he lived at home, others exclude him, because he is ugly. After he left home, the cat and hen accept him, but they have different lifestyle, they could not understand the duckling, they think he is crazy. So he just can leave again. This fairy tale is for children, it educates audience, that people could not laugh or exclude...
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