Education Is the Key to Your Success

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you know how you hear the saying "education is the key to success" well as a matter of fact that is true. Educaion is the key because without that you get no where in life, you may only get so far but in the end you go no where. People succeed with their amount of education, not saying you have to have a high education just saying always go far and never fall back and to keep striven for the best!!! Giving up droppinng out or quitting will leave a person with no success later on down the line,stuff may get hard but one of the ways through life is education!!! So strive and never give up!!! : )

education is the key to success. once u have education u can do anythin u want but if u jus concentrate on music for example and u make 1 track n people go off you...what have u got then? at least with education you hav got endless possibilites. i know stressin ur brain seems annoying while your doing sure u realise life is nothin without learning. dnt get it twisted im not no "boffin" but u shud b able 2 see dat what im saying is right. surely quik cash-no work tingz like shottin are pleasin 2 da eye. but wen uv got a propa job wot u workd for u will feel like uv achived more in ur life not destroyed society. education is just getting the best you can out of life, lifes to short to be sittin round linkin 1 guy n passin him an ounce n goin home n counting ur money....people should try and do somethin wiv demselves.

I think education is important especially for our and future generations. Without education jobs that will earn you alot of money you can kiss goodbye to, because employers wont even glance at your cv once they see you got nothing higher then A levels, BTEC etc. Even then it is unlikely they would consider you for a job if other applicants have Degrees and higher.

Education is the key to success, that is totally true, but the big fact is that the person holding the key is the one responsible to open the door which leads to success. Education would

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