Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat

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The presentation on Edgar Allen Poe’s story The Black Cat begins with an opening discussion of five discussion questions that evaluate and explore the meaning of the story, such as the story’s theme, symbols, and characters. Around the group, members will discuss their different opinions and interpretations of the story by supporting their claim with textual evidence. After the brief discussion for about ten minutes, the illustrator would showcase their art to the group and explain his or her interpretation and reasoning behind the scene illustration. Then, the biographical researcher will share with the group about the connections between Poe’s life and the story. Then, the historical researcher will expand upon the background information …show more content…
In his childhood, he was extremely kind and adored animals, and even had lots of them. At a very young age, he gets married to a woman who also lives animals too. They have birds, goldfish, a dog, rabbits, a monkey, and most importantly a cat named Pluto. One night, he comes back drunk and stabs Pluto in the eye thinking that Pluto did not want to be with him. Soon after Pluto’s recovery, he hangs Pluto from the tree in his garden. That night of Pluto’s death, his house burns down leaving only himself, his wife, and servant alive. The next day he returns, he notices that there’s an image similar to the depiction of Pluto’s death: a cat with a rope around its neck. On another night, he discovers a black cat with a white spot of his chest. After realizing the cat was missing an eye, he begins to hate it. Soon, he realizes that the white spot on the cat resembles the gallows (wooden device that hangs people). For now, he too afraid to hurt the cat, but one day while going down the cellar, he attempts to kill the cat. When his wife tries to stop him, he instead kills her with the axe. Then, he hides his dead wife in the space behind the cellar wall. When the cops come, they didn’t find anything until he hits the wall with his cane because the wall made a sudden noise. After the police tear down the wall, it turns out the cat was also buried behind

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