Ecotourism in Malaysia

Topics: Malaysia, Sabah, Selangor Pages: 3 (581 words) Published: May 23, 2014
Home to an incredibly diverse array of flora and fauna, Malaysia is one of the twelve mega-biologically diverse countries in the world. Under its forest canopy, one can find a kaleidoscope of wildlife including some which have not been discovered. This nature’s haven, a million years in the making, provides a phantasmagorical stage for exciting and memorable eco adventures.

Whether it is high-impact activities in the midst of the jungle or just taking a leisurely hike whilst appreciating nature’s gift, the jungles and natural parks in Malaysia will cater to every whim and want of any discerning individual. For extreme activities junkies, you can book yourself into one of the challenging sports such as white water rafting, rock climbing, caving and hiking - all within the lush embrace of the Malaysian rainforest.

For those who prefer to take in the alluring beauty of this tropical wonder in a more leisurely manner, jungle trekking, bird watching, diving and river cruising would be the preferred choice of activities. Whether your interests lie on land or under the seas, your curiosity would be sated thoroughly as there are at least 15,000 species of flowering plants, 286 species of mammals, 150,000 species of invertebrates and 4,000 species of fish in addition to the wonderful coral life that beckons you.

Malaysia's seas are home to various marine creatures and life forms that rely on the delicate balance of a pristine underwater ecosystem. Turtles from the other side of the world make pilgrimages over thousands of miles to nest on Malaysian shores. It goes without saying that this pilgrimage by the turtles ‘unwittingly’ also attracts a congregation of a different species of creatures Page 1 of 3

called tourists, from four corners of the world, who would make their yearly visit to Malaysia’s beaches simply to witness this wonderful miracle.

For more concentrated eco knowledge, there are also...
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