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Topics: United States, Regulation Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: October 16, 2014
ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AFTER YOU WATCH IS AMERICA #1? FOR 45 POINTS One or two sentence answers for each question
1. No because they are making the people that would advance their country leave and come to America to invent products here and advance America. Does it help to limit how many hours a week people can work?

2. They wish to go to America.
To which country do most emigrants wish to go?

3. Everybody thinks that the opportunities here are only for the elite. Why do some people in the U.S. disagree with the woman from Jamaica? 4. They don’t have the opportunities in their own country rather than the freedom and opportunity in America. Why do immigrants often do better financially than native-born Americans?

5. No because the government regulates everything that happens and takes years to do so. Can innovation occur without personal freedom?

6. It doesn’t even compare close because in America, they are living in pipes and shacks in majority of the country. How does being poor in America compare with being
poor in the rest of the world?

7. They are easy to open businesses and have less regulations. What do the countries with the most wealth have in

8. They have begun to increase profitably because they don’t have as many government regulations as before. As a case study, what has happened to the economies
of Eastern European countries since regaining
their freedom from Soviet rule?

9. India is restricted by the regulations to invent products and evolve because it takes so long to make a business. Anybody has the opportunity as long as there is freedom. The video argues that a lack of natural resources cannot explain why India is poor – because Hong Kong was nothing but a big rock, and it became rich. Do you agree or disagree with this argument? What additional evidence might convince you that this argument is correct? 10. Yes because America is making jobs and training people to be able to do things that other...
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