Ecological Backlashes

Topics: Provinces of the Philippines, Nueva Ecija, Regions of the Philippines Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: February 4, 2012
Ecological Backlashes
Guimaras Oil Spill
It was said that the captain has no capacity to manage the ship for it was overloaded with oil tankers. It caused death of organisms after inhaling the fumes of oil sludge causing it to contract cardio-respiratory disease.

Aurora, Quezon flashflood
The flashflood was caused by cutting of too many trees that should have been absorbing the water from the storm.

Marcopper mining tragedy
In August 1995, a significant leak was discovered in the Marcopper Mining Corporation’s pit's drainage tunnel. The accident discharged tailings into the Makulapnit-Boac river system which affected the livelihood of the people living there.The rush of tailings displaced river water which inundated low-lying areas, destroying crops and vegetable gardens and clogging irrigation channels to rice fields. The release left the Boac River virtually dead.

Southern Leyte landslide
A massive rock slide-debris avalanche occurred on 17 February 2006 in the Philippine province of Southern Leyte that caused widespread damage and loss of life. Mining operations was also considered one of the causes of this landslide. The deadly landslide followed a ten-day period of heavy rains and a minor earthquake of magnitude 2.6 on the Richter scale. The official death toll was 1,126.

San Roque Dam flooding
The giant dams are a clear and present danger to lives and property during the rainy season like the San Roque Dam. The San Roque Dam still had excess water of around 100 million cubic meters to get rid of from the storm that devastated a wide swath of Pangasinan and parts of Tarlac and Nueva Ecija and left more than 700 people dead.
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