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 ECERS-R Essay
There are four environment rating scales, each designed for a different segment of the early childhood field: Infants and Toddler Environment Rating Scale, Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale , School Aged Environment Rating Scale, and the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale . Each scale contains items assessing the physical environment, basic care of children, curriculum, interactions, schedule and program structure, and parent and staff needs.

The ECERS-R the early childhood environment rating scale is the updated version of the original ECERS. It has been used widely as a quality measure for research and program improvement. It is designed to assess preschool and kindergarten programs serving 2 ½ to 5 years.

There are 43 items organized into 7 sub scales, space and furnishings, personal care routines, language-reasoning , activities, interaction, program structure and parents and staff. Each item is a 7 point scale and it ranges from 1 inadequate, 3 minimal care, 5 good and 7 excellent care. It also includes notes for clarification and an area for questions.

The scales define environment and guides the observer to assess the arrangement of space both indoors and outdoors, the materials and activities offered to them, the supervision and interactions that occur in the classroom, and the schedule of the day. The support offered to parents and staff is also included.

The original Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale by Thelma Harms and Richard M. Clifford was published and made nationally available by Teachers College Press in 1980. The idea for a comprehensive early childhood program assessment instrument focused on the needs of children, and appropriate for use across different types of programs. The Environment Rating Scales were developed to evaluate the process quality in settings for children. Process quality refers to the experience of children within the care environment including their interactions with...
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