Eat Well, Feel Better. the Link Between What We Eat and Our Mental Health

Topics: Nutrition, Mental health, Health Pages: 6 (1740 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Eat well, feel better. The link between what we eat and our mental health.

Table of contents
1 Introduction Page 2 1.1 Background information Page 2 1.2 Aim Page 2 1 Methodology Page 2 2.3 Primary research Page 2 2.4 Secondary research Page 2 3 Findings Page 3 3.1 What is mental illness Page 3 3.2 The link between food and mental health Page 4 4 Conclusions Page 5 5 Recommendations Page 6 6 Bibliography Page 7

1. Introduction
1.1 Background Information
In recent years there has been an increase of mental health problems in our society. According to the Department of Health(2012) one in four adults experience mental illness at some point during their lifetime and one in six experience symptoms of mental illness – thus making it the largest single cause of disability in our society. Many people choose to take control of their mental health by using self-help approaches alongside, or even instead of, prescribed medication and talking therapies. Making changes to diet and eating habits is just one approach that some people have used to help improve their mental well-being. The links between diet and mental health are less clearly understood than links between diet and physical health. There are some generally accepted trends and pieces of advice than can help when thinking about what you eat and drink.

1.2 Aim
This report is going to outline what mental health is and how it affects people. It is going to research how what you eat affects your mental health and how eating or not eating certain foods can contribute to a person’s mental wellbeing. It is also going to suggest the types of foods that are good to help maintain mental wellbeing and tell the reader why and how these foods make a person with mental health problems feel.

2. Methodology
2.1Primary research
The time allotted for this report did not allow for any accurate primary research to be done as this would have involved drawing up questionnaires, handing them out to a target group, collecting them in and analysing the findings all of which would be a time consuming task.

2.2 Secondary Research
In the report secondary sources from various websites are the main source of information. There is limited information in books about this as it is a very current topic and websites such as and have been carrying out research on this subject and have a lot of valuable information.

3. Findings
3.1 what is mental illness
Mental illness is a term used when someone experiences significant changes in their thinking, feelings or behavior.  The changes are usually bad enough to affect how the person functions and can cause distress to them or to other people. It may cause Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Sleep Deprivation and a general feeling of unease and despair. A person with a mental illness sees things differently than a person without a mental illness and something simple to a non-sufferer can be life changing to a sufferer and can lead to the illness taking over where it is a downwards spiral in to the depths of depression. This then become a vicious circle of depression leading to the sleep deprivation which in turn leads to anxiety attacks which can then lead to feelings of despair...

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