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Topics: Panic disorder, Anxiety disorder, Anxiety Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Alexandra Walewski
February 12, 2013

AA Meeting Observation

Not going to lie I was really uncomfortable with going to this AA meeting. I’m extremely shy when put into new situations and I have severe anxiety disorder. I was uncomfortable with the thought of having to go there and not know anyone and this being something new and unknown to me. I sucked it up and went to a meeting at the Chesterfield Firehouse on Thursday at 7:00pm in Willimantic, CT. It was a steps and discussions meeting. There were about 20 people at the meeting many who were older like my parents age. A lady got up and introduced her self and said some stuff and started the meeting. Not going to lie I wasn’t really paying attention I was really nervous and I was trying to focus on getting my anxiety down. A lot of people had the AA 12 step book with them and thankfully they had some extra copies I used at the meeting. The leader picked a section out of the book it was from step 6 and was all about acceptance. A couple different people read different sections and then the group discussed them. As I was listening to people read the book which honestly for me was weird and the passages read didn’t really make sense to me until people started talking about them and putting there own personal experience into the passages that were read. It reminded me of a meeting I went to over the phone for eating disorders about 6 months ago. I went into a clinic for the battle I was having with my eating disorder that had been going on for over 10 years. My friend suggested I used this online meeting. I only called once but it had the same set up as this AA meeting. Also a lot of what the people were talking about while I couldn’t relate to the alcohol aspect of it I could relate to their feelings and having this thing control your life. It kind of freaked me out. So the passages were about acceptance. Acceptance of one self, of your character and of the past. It was obviously a really hard topic for...
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