Eagle Scout Research Paper

Pages: 3 (532 words) / Published: Oct 6th, 2017
I realize now that I am trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. The twelve fundamental adjectives of the Scout Law can often be obscured by the daily perils of life, yet I held on to these values as they echoed through my conscience. Yes, I am a Scout, an Eagle Scout. I wear this accomplishment proudly, like a shimmering gold trophy that will never rust. It comes from a profound sense of purpose. It characterizes who I am and who I can become; however, this dignity did not surface overnight. My journey of scouting began in the first grade. Back then, I didn’t realize how much scouting would steer my life, for I was still trying to discover what I wanted to do. Playing …show more content…
My peers deemed this activity as an unpopular pastime. The number of scouts that I had originally grown up with dwindled as they matured and fell victim to the ecstasy of conforming. Despite this period of self-discovery and awkwardness, Scouting remained a part of my routine throughout high school. I eventually took on more leadership roles and began to pursue more badges for the narrow road of an Eagle Scout, a path that only about five percent of all Boy Scouts meet. I started to neglect this age of conformity and aimed to find my true character. My junior year of high school was coming to an end, and I was closer than ever to the pinnacle. Soon, I was standing in front of my family and my fellow Scouts reciting a speech that would sum up eleven years of my scouting career in a few hundred words, and it hit me. This was my revelation. My days as a scout draws to an end, but the values that I have taken from this experience will never leave me. I no longer hesitate when I see someone in need, I continue to respect others regardless of their situation, and I live my life proudly based on the twelve adjectives of the Scout

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