Dystopic Reality Genesis, Lord of the Flies, the Life of Pi

Topics: Garden of Eden, Utopia, Adam and Eve Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Dystopic reality

The utopias in Genesis, Lord of The Flies and The Life of Pi all are created and then destroyed. A utopia is a paradise, whether that is an abundance of resources, food and water or simply a place of peace and divinity. Utopias have not lasted, however, because of human instinct. In the three texts many techniques have been used to shape our thinking of utopias, and how they inevitably become dystopias.

Golding’s allegorical novel Lord of the Flies, tracks the fall from innocence to savagery. Golding creates a perfect island in Lord of the Flies with descriptive language such as “Here and there, little breezes crept over the polished waters” and “spots of blurred sunlight slid over their bodies or moved like bright, winged things in the shade.” A bountiful feeling is created, because they have the whole island to themselves, with all the animals and fruit available to them. The boys’ sense of freewill is contradicted by Jack’s eventual control and evilness, though. Jack’s early descent into savagery is shown in “He began to dance and his laughter became a bloodthirsty snarling.” By giving him the trait of a vicious animal, Golding highlights his descent into inhumanity. Simon’s revelation shows that the actual beast is within the boys themselves and that man is his own undoing. The boys become savage, which leads them to go as far as brutally killing an innocent Simon.

The Book of Genesis, from the Bible, explores the Fall of Man. Through a repetitive and prosaic use of language, the Garden of Eden is described as a perfect paradise. It is tranquil and peaceful, and there is an abundance of food and water. The phrase “Pleasant to the sight and good for food” simply emphasizes the beauty of the garden and the availability of food. The utopic environment and the abundance of life is also created in “Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures.” This utopia is eventually contradicted by the fall of man. When Eve acts out...
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