Dysfunctional Families

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Roman Alexander
September 27, 2010
English 102
Essay 2
Dysfunctional Families
In the memoir “Navigating Disaster” by Sheryl ST. Germain, a woman is encountering many problems in her life: her son (Gray) leaving and not wanting to talk to her, and also the destruction of her hometown by a devastating hurricane. There are many messages that can be pulled from this memoir, but the one many people will be able to connect with would most likely be the theme of dysfunctional families. The author had been in a bad relationship on and off for several years with a man (R) who attacked her son one night when she went away. After this incident, her relationship with R ended, but her relationship with her son also ended for a while. On top of dealing with Hurricane Katrina she also had to deal with her son heading toward California, not wanting to be a part of his mother’s life anymore. Her son finally wrote her a year after the hurricane hit, saying that he was sorry for many things and that he was doing well. In the end, almost two years later, Gray is visiting her and their relationship seems to be improving. This is an example of hope from dysfunctional families. Many people grow up in dysfunctional families and this memoir lets people know that they can still have a good life no matter what.

I can be an example of having a good life despite growing up in a dysfunctional family. My father was on drugs and he abused my mother, my brothers, and me. My brothers and I tried to stay with our grandmother as much as we could just to get away from all of the abuse. As we got older, we started defending our mother and ourselves. My mother ended up getting a divorce and raised us by herself. She had two jobs to support me and my brothers so we stayed with our grandmother whenever we came home from school, and we only saw our mother for maybe four hours a day, if we were lucky. The good thing that came from this is that she always encouraged us to have a better life than...

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