Dupont Case Study Analysis

Topics: Sales, Customer service, Customer Pages: 4 (1100 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Table of Contents
* Introduction
* Problems Encountered
* Analysis & Findings
* Recommendations
* SWOT analysis

* History Of Dupont :
* Set up by E.I Dupont in USA.
* In the almost 200 years since that time, it grew into a global company with a wide variety of energy, chemical, high technology and science based enterprises. * Europe market accounted for one-third of the revenue of Dupont. * Dupont scientists had played a lead role in the development of the synthetic fiber industry. * One of the most important product lines of Dupont was Carpet fiber. * Case Details :

* Dupont carpet fiber had very little choice if it were to retain its position as a market leader in Europe. * Carr - Marketing Manager for the Carpet fibers division. * He had a plan of introducing a whole new way of dealing with customers. * One aim - To satisfy the end market.

* But other board members were not convinced; Dupont had only Carpet Mills as its customer. * Carr had a fear that Dupont will lose its position in near future and to sustain in the market it had to look on the end customers needs and then change the whole industry. * Never before had the firm given much thought to its end users apart from Brand Advertising.

The question in everyone's mind was, Why should the company sell more value added services when in market only price matter? * Answer : Ultimately Dupont needed to stay in the business and lead in it and this could only be achieved if everybody focused more on the people who are using carpets in their homes and at their workplace. * He had to convince the Executive Board.

* Earlier attempts to satisfy end users - Stain free carpeting but this effort failed to create any real impact in markets of Europe. * So this made Carr’s job difficult.
* Problems Encountered
* According to Research, People resisted from buying carpets, tend to postpone the decision....
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