Dry Pasta

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The purpose I present about this topic is to introduce and help everyone to gain further knowledge about pasta. Although everyone know what is pasta, and eats pasta, but I am sure that anyone of us do not know what the actual history of pasta is. Furthermore, I will also explain the benefits of pasta, pasta shapes, recommendation of sauces for different types of pasta, and the basic way of cooking pasta.

Pasta is an Italian food made from dough using flour, water and eggs. When talking about the origin of pasta, a distinction needs to be made between fresh and dry pasta. Fresh pasta is dough made of flour and water and is present in most cultures and on all continents. Dry pasta began in Italy and embarked from there to conquer the world. People have believed that Marco Polo introduced spaghetti from China to Italy, but that is incorrect.

Though, Chinese were eating noodles as long ago as 2000 BC (this is known thanks to the discovery of a well-preserved bowl of noodles over 4000 years old), but the familiar legend of Marco Polo importing pasta from China is just that—a legend. In additions, there is evidence state that the ancient Etruscans in Italy were eating pasta at least 1600 years before Marco Polo was born. It is also believed that the Ancient Greeks, Romans and even Arabs had discovered the simple delights of pasta long before Marco Polo was around.

As time past, pasta production continued to grow and expand until the 17th century. Where in Naples the introduction of the kneading machine and mechanical press made pasta the food of the people, by significantly lowering its cost of production. Naples’ location also made pasta to be easily dried, thus extending its shelf life.

In the 18th century, because of not being happy with the current method of using ones feet to mix and knead the pasta dough, Ferdinando, the king of Naples, hired an engineer to improve the method of making pasta. The engineer made a machine, out of bronze, which...
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