Drugs and Alcohol Essay

Topics: Drug addiction, Drinking culture, Time Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: June 1, 2014
Drugs and Alcohol Essay
Underage drinking has been a growing problem for as long as alcohol has been in existence. Now with rising prices of alcohol, drugs are becoming the cheaper option for a night out. Therefore the use of drugs by teens is becoming a rapidly growing problem and this combined with underage drinking is having major effects on the young adolescents of Australia. Money urgently needs to be spent on finding a way to improve these growing problems, then more money needs to be spent on making the ideas a reality. If something significant is not done in the near future to educate those which are already or are considering underage drinking, the problem will continue to grow and grow until the point where the human race is significantly less intelligent. The average Australian starts drinking alcohol at 15.5 years and more than a quarter of our 14-19 year olds are putting themselves at risk of harm from underage drinking and binge drinking at least once a month. It is almost unbelievable that on average Australians are starting to drink almost 3 years before they are legally allowed to. At this rate within a short amount of time a high percentage of kids will be drinking while they are still at primary school. Rather than the government spending the tax payers hard earned dollars on people that don’t have jobs and usually just spend their weekly money on drugs and alcohol anyway. The money should be spent on better educating teenagers on the effects of underage drinking, by sending out people to schools, more ads on tv, warnings on labels, etc. If this isn't done there will be serious consequences as previously mentioned, which will also be very difficult to fix. Drugs are a serious problem no matter what age you are. So for people to be doing it at such a young age is an indication on what it will be like in the future if something doesn’t change. In a recent study more than 60 percent of teens said that drugs were sold, used, or kept at their...
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