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By danceislife-22 Oct 14, 2014 523 Words
Quintin Anthony
English 097
“Laws against Texting While Driving Are Ineffective”
Do you text while driving? Ashley Halsey’s topic on “laws against texting while driving are ineffective” by: Ashley Halsey. Ashley Halsey discusses why laws and new laws for “texting while driving are ineffective” and fails to meet an impact. Ashley Halsey reminds us that “texting while driving” can lead up to fatal crashes and distractions in the U.S. (par.1). Laws and new laws failed to meet an agreement. (par.1). She states that “cell phone bans around the country might take years to become effective, (par.1) just like drunk driving laws before them” said Ashley Halsey. (par.1). Ashley’s article about “Laws against Texting While Driving Are Ineffective” is very explainable. I agree with Ashley Halsey’s point about why laws and new laws failed to meet an impact with “texting while driving” being an issue. First of all, Ashley Halsey argues that “laws against texting while driving are ineffective” (par.1) which I agree with 110%. Ashley explains that laws against it has little affect (par.1). Many people may argue on that the fact that texting and driving isn’t that bad, but texting and driving is the biggest issue of it all. Ashley Halsey is saying that texting while driving is a dangerous distraction; also laws against it have small effect (par.1). I agree with Ashley Halsey statement 110% because I believe that laws against texting and driving should have laws towards it. So, therefore I agree with Ashley Halsey’s point about why laws and news laws have no effective and should be a big concern. Secondly, Ashley Halsey believes texting bans should be reduced. I agree with this statement. “Laws are ineffective” said by; Adrian Lund. “Lund says that while state legislatures are increasing speed limits to 75 mph [miles per hour], safety efforts has been “sidetracked by focus on reports on un Lastly, Ashley Halsey says that cell phones are distracting for the most part. It’s been a long time since text messaging had been around showing estimates that it’s dangerous while driving. Texting and driving is ineffective why? Because I believe this wasn’t a big enough problem to handle and discuss too many others. The author explains why cell phones usage has been out while driving for years, and now trying to put an end towards the issue (pg.3) I agree with Ashley’s argument because we don’t want lives to end all because of a text message. In addition I agree that somehow “Texting while Driving” eventually becomes a law. In conclusion, Ashley Halsey’s main points were to reenact the fact that “Texting while driving” is ineffective (District- Driving-Campaign, U.S.). My evaluation of the author main point is basically texting and driving, texting and driving has “estimated 450,000 people killed or injured last year in distracted accidents” That should have not happened. With texting and driving being the risk of danger, people need to find a way to not have out their cell phones while driving. This is only happening in the U.S and should come to a major stop.

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