driverless cars

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Martin Estrada

No Hands, No Worries

Many people wonder when the future will come, but what they do not know is that we are living in the future already. Most people do not know that Google is doing a project involving driverless cars, and they are being tested in California. Out of all the test drives, the driverless car has done, it only crashed once and that was when a human was driving it. Driverless cars will outgrow regular cars, but are people willing to their freedom taken away? Google’s robo-car initializes the end of driving and a new stage of technology. The big problem is if people are ready for this change. There are many controversial factors that make people doubt about the new car. This will strip the freedom of people, as many people view their cars as a symbol of freedom. Besides the car’s flaws, driverless cars can do almost everything a human can and it will also do a better job. Not only does it have excellent performance, it would also be beneficial to the environment. Like Neil Armstrong once said, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Technology keeps advancing every day and Google’s robo-car is that small step to open up a whole new world. Safety is the main purpose behind driverless cars which will benefit not only the people but also the environment in so many ways. The two main factors that Google has focused on their car are helping people their save time and their life. Google cars can reduce commute time by 90%, and traffic accidents by 90% (Mui, Part 1). Driverless cars will save people time and energy mainly on the fact that these cars will communicate with each other. By allowing the cars to communicate with each other they can now go faster speeds tailgating each other and never crashing, unlike humans which most of the accidents are, tailgating, because they were driving too fast and too close to be able to stop in time. Driverless cars will never get stuck in traffic jam like how people do daily in the mornings and get late to work, instead the driverless car will choose the most efficient route allowing people to save time. The traffic flow will be incredible. Not only will it save time while driving but people can save a huge amount of time. People won’t have to worry about getting distracted anymore, therefore they can do work, homework, eat watch television, exercise, sleep, etc. It doesn’t stop there, now people can get a head start doing holiday shopping or in general shopping. Instead of spending hours trying to find a parking since the car can park itself. With Google’s driverless car, people will be able to accomplish more things in their day than before since they can’t do all those things will driving with two hands. The beauty of driverless cars saving time is that they will use the least amount of gas possible. Will Oremus, a staff writer in Slate magazine, stated, “Google’s driverless car gets most of the hype.” One of the reasons is because the car will benefit the environment unlike regular cars. The driverless car’s ability to choose quick routes will release less gas into the air than a regular car. Releasing less gas will help save the environment from global warming and it will also save natural resources. Global warming wasn’t that serious but, it’s become a huge problem as cars kept releasing more and more gasses into the atmosphere. Regular cars daily burn fuel from the engine so the car could get horsepower, but all that is not doing good to the atmosphere. Having driverless cars burn less fuel, but apply the same horsepower as a regular car, will help protect the ozone layer which is what the Earth needs. Regular cars use more fuel, therefore they need more natural resources but, the world is running out of natural resources. People are going to war for them which causes the destruction of entire countries and most importantly the natural environment. If the natural environment gets wiped out, so does the human...

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