Drinking Coke vs Drinking Warter

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J Calhoun
June 21, 2012
COM 123
Persuasive Speech
Drink Less Coke, More Water.
Purpose: To persuade the audience to drink less coke and more water. Thesis: Drinking coke and other sodas are harmful to the body. Drinking less soda (especially coke) and more water will help you to become an overall healthier person with less health problems in the long run. Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Attention Getting Device: What would it take to clean off an old, rusted coin? Many of you might believe any simple cleaning product would get the job done but, this is not so. The answer I’m looking for is coke. That’s right, coke. Coke is so strong that it can remove dirt, rust and grime off of almost any surface. Along with this, it can stain your teeth and dissolve tooth enamel. So my next question to you all is: why, do we love to put something so strong and hazardous inside of our gentle bodies? Source: According to oleda.com “[soda] can have a…toxic…poisonous…lethal…venomous… seriously harmful effect on your entire body. Drinking soda pop is a sure-fire way to age faster” accessed on June 19, 2012. Significance: Today many adults and even children face the issues of being able to successfully consume enough glasses of water a day to maintain the functions of the laborious body. Credibility: As a former excessive coke drinker who has went from drinking countless glasses of coke a day to now drinking a coke (or any soda) less than a few times a week I am credible to speak on this topic. Thesis: Drinking coke and other sodas are harmful to the body. Drinking less soda (especially coke) and more water will help you to become an overall healthier person with less health problems in the long run. Preview: First, I will explain the harmful effects of soda in general on the body. Second, I will describe a technique I used to put an end to my daily over consumption of soda. Finally, I will share my results of the described techniques with the audience. Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Transition - Let’s get started! There is no need to take off years of your life by drinking soda. Body
I.Main Point #1- Drinking soda (especially coke) on a constant basis is detrimental to your health. In order to be a healthier person you should limit your soda consumption to a minimum.
A. This situation needs to be handled as soon as possible. Soda is horrible for the body. 1. By this point you all are aware that soda is bad for your health but, exactly how bad is it? Soda has many effects on the body that you wouldn’t think a tasty non alcoholic drink would cause. However, after years of drinking it one might ask to themselves: What’s wrong with drinking soda? Well, today I am here to answer just that. 2. Drinking soda, according to termlifeinsurance.com soda causes: issues with kidney and reproductive organs, dissolves tooth enamel, and increases risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even asthma. In the May issue of the American Journal of Nutrition it was stated that people who consumed more than one soda per day have an increased risk of stroke. Accessed on June 19,2012. 3. I know personally that since I have stopped drinking sodas as much as I use to I have experienced drastic weight changes. Along with weight loss, I generally felt better and not so groggy throughout the day. B.You only get one body, so treat it kind. The ingredients used and the amount you consume both have a drastic effect on your health.

1. Soda, goes far beyond the yummy beverage that is served with your meal at Mcdonalds. Soda, is filled with ingredients that do horrifying damage to your internal organs in the long run. According to Buzzle.com some of the ingredients found in soda are: High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Caffeine, Phosphoric Acid and Citric Acid. A study mentioned on rodale.com accessed on June 19, 2012 the 2010 FASEB scientific Journal, found that the excessive...

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