Dream Theme

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There is no doubt that dreams draw profoundly on our imaginations, and much work remains to be done on the connection between dreams and the area of the brain that produces creative art.

Dream Themes

Mammals and Reptiles
Most people dream more readily about domestic animals than about wild ones; dreams of household pets often center on our own characteristics, mirrored int hose of cats, dogs, birds, and even fish. Freud suggested that dreams of wild animals represented our most sensual passions, and sometimes the “evil instincts” that lie deep in our unconscious.

Horse, Dog, Cat
Statistics show that the animals who most often appear in dreams are horses, dogs, then cats, and women seem to dream more often of horses than men do. Early records show that Artemidorus of Daldis lists horses among the common dreams of women. Some psychologists have suggested that the horse represents male sexuality.

Dog, Cat, Rat, Mule, Elephant, Lion
Dreams of animals are fairly difficult to interpret because of the many possible associations. The meaning of your dream of an animals is almost certain to refer to your feelings (either past or present) about the animal. Were you or are you frightened or comforted by it; have you ever been attacked by it? Then there are the traditional associations: dogs are said to be faithful, cats clever or wise, rats cowardly and devious, mules stubborn, elephants to have remarkable memories, and lions to be brave there are also many mythical allusion connected to some animals.

Your dream may be of a caged lion in a zoo; of the Cowardly Lion in the film The Wizard of Oz; of the Nemean lion of legend; of the lion on a coat of arms; or of the Leo of the Zodiac. So the reference may be to restriction, to cowardice, to the overcoming of some difficulties, to pride and status, or to any characteristics of the astrological Sun sign Leo. The animal, especially if it is a domestic pet, may represent an aspect of your personality or character that you instinctively feel you should employ in a particular situation.

Ape, Monkey, Chimpanzee, Baboon, Ass, Donkey, Bear, Buffalo, The ape is intelligent, but tends to be tricky and mischievous (like the monkey, chimpanzee, or baboon) It is also highly imitative, so there may be a sense of emulation in your dream. Who is about to play a trick on you, or be sly, malicious, or cunning? Or is it you? The ass and donkey are seen as meek but sturdy, and sometimes foolish, creatures; could this be an allusion to your attitude toward work? The bear is a symbol of strength and danger, but is also regarded as a loveable creature. The buffalo represents power and resolution; in your dream were you one of a herd?

Beaver, Ant, Bull, Camel, Cat, Cow, Herd, Goat, Ram, Jackal, Kangaroo, Mole The beaver, like the ant, symbolizes hard work and perseverance, while the bull represents, sexual energy, rashness, brute force, and anger. A rampant bull creating havoc may suggest that you are overly optimistic about your sexual prowess. The camel is an obedient and forbearing animal, storing up food for fuel during lean times. The cat has been associated with witchcraft; it can also be spiteful and self-defensive. In almost every religion the cow represents that maternal instinct. Could this be a comment on your waking attitude toward motherhood? If you were one of a herd of cows, beware paying too much heed to others' opinions. The goat and the ram both suggest rampant sexuality, while the jackal has the reputation of being tenacious but cowardly – feeding off others. A kangaroo travels fast, but what is it hiding in its pouch? Is the dream merely an allusion to a particular person? A mole burrows, hidden beneath the ground; is this the way you are or should be working?

Mouse, Sheep, Tiger, Pig, Boar, Sow, Snake
Are you as timid as a mouse; or as silly as a sheep, which always appears overly obedient, compliant, and part of the herd? Perhaps you are as assertive as...
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