Dream High

Topics: Kanye West, Poetry, A Dream Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Dream High
Every single person has their own dream. Maybe it is small, maybe it is lofty, maybe it is simple, maybe it is hard to achieve. But Hip Hop and e.e.cummings tell us never give up your dream. Some lyrics and poems talk about similar things, like talking about achieving dreams; both the lyrics and poems give us inspiration. If we want to dream high, we must try ours’ best. Somebody have a dream, he has a lot of difficulty on the way of seeking the dream, but he has fire in his heart, so he perseveres in his dream and never give up. “ You don’t say good luck, you say don’t give up.”(The Fire)From the lyrics we can see, make an effort, must depend on yourself. And two old men have dreams, though they are old, but they still seek their dreams. “Still look dream.”(#12)The poem is similar to the lyrics, It also tells all people have dreams, whoever. Even an old man, his dream is not ridiculous at all. Dream is not only individual; peace is the common dream of the people. In a peaceful world, all people’s dream flying high. It’s about war, people suffer calamities. “Mothers crying too often from they lost child leaving.”(Guns Are Drawn)It’s a lively description about people who lived in war. The war can bring people harm; peace is the common wish of the people. And then it’s about animals was fettered by human. “Where freedom is compulsory, and only man is god.” (#69)All lifes are equal; there should not be any fight between human and animals. Only if human live with animals in peace, the world will be finer, and dreams fly high. Dream high in Hip Hop and e.e.cummings. In the Fire, a man tries his best to achieve his dream, he is strict with himself, and he never takes notice of other people’s ridicules, why? Because of his dream. And in e.e.cummings #12, two men have their own dreams, though they are old, but they still seek their dreams. So all people have dreams, even old man, if we want dream high, we must try hard. Every single person have dreams, Hip...
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