Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde chapter summaries

Topics: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Pages: 7 (2732 words) Published: November 28, 2013
1. The story of the door

Resume: Mr Utterson is having one of his Sunday walks with his friend Mr Enfield. They arrive at a joyful street, and at a corner there is a contrasting dark door. Mr Enfield starts telling a story of which that door reminds him. He was walking at night, in a desert area of London, when a man trampled on a little girl and didn't even help her up. That man was mysterious and his appearance detestable. The man was stopped by Enfield and agreed to pay for the little girl's injuries. The story catches Utterson's attention and he learns from his friend that the man's name is Hyde and that he regularly goes into the building with the door. The two friends then decide never to talk of this again. Protagonists: The two protagonists in this chapter are Mr Utterson, the narrator, and Mr Enfield. Mr Hyde is the only other character that is mentioned. Tone: The tone of this chapter is mysterious and dark, and makes the reader wonder what is the place with the door and who is this Mr Hyde.

2. Search for Mr Hyde

Resume: After dinner, Utterson goes in his business room before going to sleep. He opens his safe and takes out Dr Jekyll's will, that stipulates that should he die or disappear, all his possessions would go to a certain Edward Hyde. Intrigued by these terms, and somewhat uncomfortable, he goes to Dr Lanyon's house, thinking he should know something about this case. Dr Lanyon answers that he now finds Jekyll strange and unscientific, but that he does not know anything about this Hyde. Utterson then goes back home and goes to sleep with difficulty, haunted by nightmares and visions. From then on, he is overwhelmed by curiosity and starts walking around the door, wanting to see the face of Hyde. One night, he meets Hyde. The man behaves strangely, as if not wanting to be seen or remembered. The only impression he leaves behind is that of a deformed man, scary but vague. After that, Utterson goes to see Jekyll, but he is not at home. Instead, he learns from Poole, the butler, that Hyde has keys to enter the house and Utterson becomes suspicious of all the trust Jekyll has in Hyde. He resolves to help Jekyll and find out what Hyde is up to, as he believes Hyde has reason to want to kill Jekyll and should not be trusted. Protagonists: The protagonists in the chapter are Mr Utterson, and Mr Hyde, with Poole and Lanyon playing a secondary role. Jekyll seems important but he is only mentioned in this chapter. Tone: The atmosphere of the chapter is once again dark and horrifying, as Utterson is trying to understand what is wrong with Mr Hyde and to a certain extent, Jekyll and his will.

3. Dr Jekyll was quite at ease

Resume: Dr Jekyll has a dinner where he invites Mr Utterson. Mr Utterson stays behind to talk to the host as he enjoys the lawyer's quiet company. Mr Utterson asks the doctor about his will. Dr Jekyll tries to change subject but the determined lawyer tells the doctor that he has he has heard horrible things about Mr Hyde. Dr Jekyll thanks him for his concern but tells him to let it sleep. Then he asks the lawyer to promise him that he will help Mr Hyde when he is no longer there to which Mr Utterson finally agrees. Protagonists: Mr Utterson and Dr Jekyll

Tone: There is an atmosphere of tension and mystery. We can feel the contrast of the ease Sr Jekyll was in before he was asked about Mr Hyde and how he suddenly tenses when the lawyer touches the subject of his will. There is Lao foreshadowing that something might happen to the doctor as he asks mr Utterson to help Mr Hyde when he is no longer there.

4. The Carrew murder case

Resume: After one year, on October the 18 the murder of Sir Danvers Carew takes place in London. A maid who lived up the river saw Sir Danvers and Hyde meeting at night. He talked to Mr Hyde and suddenly Mr Hyde raged and clubbed the man dead with his cane. The maid fainted and called the police when she recovered. The cadaver was carrying a...
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