Down Syndrome

Topics: Down syndrome, Disability, Mental retardation Pages: 4 (834 words) Published: July 21, 2013
Down Syndrome
Thesis: When someone sees a child or an adult with Down syndrome they automatically single them out, every person in this world is different, with a disability or with out, but that doesn’t mean they need to be treated differently. I. Causes

A. Mental Disorder
B. Mothers age
C. Not inherited
D. Most common
E. Amniocentesis
II. Symptoms
A. Problems at birth
B. Size
C. Other issues
D. Facial features
III. Severities
A. Ranges
B. Trisomy 21
C. Mosaic
D. Mosaic features
Holland 2
E. Translocation
F. Diagnosed
G. Living
H. Education

Holland 3
Haley Holland
Mrs. Neill
Sophomore English 2nd hour
1 March 2012
Down Syndrome
Working with children who have a disabilities has always caught my attention. This year I’ve got the chance to work with a child who has Down syndrome I never realized the way people treated him differently. They don’t realize the type of Down syndrome he has or how he is living a normal life. When someone sees a child or an adult with Down syndrome they automatically single them out; every person is different, with a disability or without, that doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated differently. Downs Syndrome slows down development and causes more problems. More importantly It is a disorder that causes lifelong mental retardation ("Down syndrome" 3pp.). After age 35 an unborn child’s chance of being born with Down syndrome increases. 80 percent of children who have Down syndrome are usually born to women younger than the age of 35 (Matthews 1p.). Down syndrome is caused by a problem in cell division, it is not inherited ("Down syndrome" 3pp.). “A karyotype can be used to detect Down syndrome in an unborn baby through a procedure called amniocentesis Genetic experts detect Down syndrome by organizing photos of a person’s chromosomes into a profile called a karyotype.”(Matthews 1p.). When it comes to...

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