Dover Beach

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Loss at Dover Beach
‘Dover Beach’ written by Matthew Arnold. Arnold visited Dover Beach immediately after his marriage with Francis Lucy Whitman. But he does not emit contentment nor does he glamorize the poem. He expresses a sort of grief at the loss of faith he has in religion that is the sole characteristic of the Victorian Era. The poem's tone is miserable or unhappy. It is a poem in which depicts religious, emotional, and philosophical traits. Although the poem describes the sea as beautiful scenes enveloped in sadness, it is as if what is being explained is the writer’s weakening beliefs on Christianity. That the only true security is with one another. The modern world is without assurance and solidity; the impression that all is sound is untrue; human affairs may or may not be a guard against the doubt of modern life; the present-day can only be assumed in relation to the past. “Dover Beach" discusses a man's attitude towards life. He begins stating him past view and transitions into his present view. He uses many descriptive words to express his initial thoughts or feelings. Lines 1-2 suggest peace and calmness within the innermost workings of the speaker's mind: "The Sea is calm tonight, the tide is full, and the moon lies fair upon the straits." In other words, at this time the speaker had everything figured out and he witnessed endless possibilities. Towards the end in lines 21-22, the speaker claims he has lost his previous feelings of inner peace. "The Sea of Faith was once, too, at the full..." He has lost his faith. He says we are only here "as a darkling pain plain swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight," suggesting that he finds no real reason to live. He does not understand why he is here. The central theme of the poem is that undesirable outlooks on life hinder one's capabilities to be joyful and to find resolve. I feel that the psychoanalytic criticism was used primarily to analyze this poem as there was a lot of emotional and...
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