Double Me vs. My Son the Fanatic

Topics: Short story, Western culture, Western world Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: September 19, 2013
I have chosen this painting - Double Me - to put the short story - My Son the Fanatic - into perspective Double Me was painted in 1993 by the Danish artist Michael Kvium and is one of a series of four paintings. In the painting there are two men. They’re both dressed in black. Their positions towards each other looks strained, as they are holding hands while pushing their weights forward, as if they are fighting. Also their faces are only a few centimeters from touching, and it looks as if their eyes meet. Also, the two men’s feet are connected, unable to separate. The struggle is happening in a corner of a room. The walls are dark grey, and the floor is dark brown. It creates a dark space, making the two men stand out from the otherwise almost claustrophobic room. In both sides of the picture there are two stripes of yellow - both with three black dots that are formed as triangles. The bright yellow bars interrupt the subtle and dark picture of the two men during their conflict. The three black dots are an acknowledged sign for blind people. In this picture it could be interpreted as ‘Blind man leads blind man.’ The two men are tangled together, both with feet and hands, and they are partly fighting and arguing, and partly trying to lead each other in different directions. In the short story My Son the Fanatic, we also meet two men – a father, Parvez, and his son, Ali. Throughout the story, Parvez and Ali disagree and argue. Ali believes that his father is living a sinful life, as he is adapting into the western culture. Parvez, on the other hand, believes that Ali is being narrow-minded, and that he shouldn’t distance himself from the new culture. The discussion continues up until Parvez is frustrated enough with his son’s criticism, and he hits Ali in powerlessness. As the picture illustrates, there is a conflict between the two all at the same as they connected. Parvez and Ali are connected by blood, and therefore...
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