Dont Treat Yourself

Topics: Medicine, Pharmacology, Illness Pages: 2 (301 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Don’t Treat Yourself

Dr. K.P. Parthasarathy

Dr. K.P. Parthasarathy a practicing psysician discusses health problems. His essay “Don’t Treat Yourself” warns us against the dangers of the self-medication, medicines are changing these days. Their effect on our body and system also undergoes rapid changes. Hence self-medication must be discouraged. The author condemns it.

Many house holds in India use their own methods of treating their sick people. There is no rationals behind their administration of drugs like paracetamols, pain-killers, anti-biotics, anti-histancines and anti-inflammataries. A chemist acts as a medical practioner.

This malady prevalent in India has no place in most developed countries. The law enforcement machinery here is inefficient and corrupt. All these things are giving serious cause for concern.

Our country badly needs the practice of scientific and ethical medicine. Here, medical insurance is still in its infancy. Generally speaking, patients are ignorant of it. People suffer from the pressure of work and live in constant fear of restribution. This makes them throne to disease. Because of the skyrocketing cost of medical treatment. They rely heavily on chemists to recover from their illness.

Self-administration of pain killers and paracetamols is acceptable only in an emergency. The prescriptions only of all other drugs is a doctor’s responsibility. Taking these drugs without a prescriptions should be deprecated. Only a qualified doctor knows what drug to prescribe and when and how to use it to treat a patient. Indiscriminate use of drugs may even damage the patient’s kidney auditory nerve or bonenarrow.

The author would educate his patients on the side effects of powerful drugs to be administered to them. He opines that a doctor’s prescription is as important as a cheque leaf. Patients must note the expiry dates of their prescribed drugs.
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